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Animal friends jewelry

LOVE ME, a jewelry collection in support of animal rights.

Discover the two LAV projects

LAV is an Association born in 1977. Since then, it has worked every day to affirm the rights of animals throughout the country, counteracting any form of exploitation against them. It does so by rescuing animals in distress, putting pressure on the institutions for the approval or application of laws in favor of animals and denouncing those who mistreat them. LAV works to promote cultural change, proposing concrete alternatives to the phenomena it denounces, as in the case of the Vegan Choice, Research without animals and fashion Animal free .

The project dedicated to bears

Dexter, with the DEXTER LOVE ME line, has chosen to stand alongside LAV as a partner to build a free and safe future for bears in Trentino, victims in recent periods of serious abuse at the hands of man.

Nautical thread bear

Three design variants dedicated to the bear. Nautical technical thread and rhodium-plated silver with platinum.

By purchasing a bear-themed jewel, you concretely support the battle of LAV in defense of the freedom of the Trentino bears.

Bear chain

The bracelet with the three variants of bear and strap with groumette chain, in rhodium-plated silver with platinum.

LAV is always at the forefront of animal rights: together with its lawyers, it is always ready to denounce those who transgress the laws and administrations that approve acts with serious repercussions.

Too often the normal behavior of bears is considered harmful or even dangerous, when it is instead the human activities and behaviors that disturb the balance of these animals, whose spaces are invaded with violence and aggression.

Recovery center project

A paw to symbolize all the animals housed at the Semproniano recovery center.

Immersed in the Tuscan Maremma, LAV here hosts more than 100 animals rescued from farms, circuses, illegal trafficking and vivisection, with the aim of giving them a new life, far from any form of exploitation.

By purchasing a product from the DEXTER LAV ME collection, people can help ensure a life free from exploitation and suffering for dozens of abused animals.

Among the guests of the Center, there is the Madiba lion, saved from the circus together with the Peru lama, the dromedary Asia, the zebra Arturo, the horse Sayid. LAV has also given a new home in the Center to the bull Jerry and the Nutella cow, rescued from herds, and two colonies of macaques, stolen from vivisection.

Together with them, also five monkeys saved from illegal trafficking. These are just some of the animals that LAV has rescued and cared for.

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