Dexter Milano Gioielli artigianali

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Celebrate TIME

DEXTER Milano is the exclusive handcrafted and made in Italy jewel, designed to celebrate every moment in great style!

Precious gears of time to capture, live, dream and remember precious moments.

Always on the wrist

Mediterranean passion!

Add to your time, a pinch of spiciness with the chilli bracelet. The chilli pepper kept inside YOUR DEXTER time gear will be full of the sun and energy of the Mediterranean. Jamme!

Time for rings

Italian spring

Lightly around the neck

Curiosity: born to be engraved!

Personalize the DEXTER time gear by engraving a special date.

In fact, 8 are the heads of the gear where you can enter the 8 digits that make up a special date.

That moment when you realized you love her, an unforgettable birthday, a race or an unforgettable marathon … engrave that special date, on the precious cog of time DEXTER.

That's Amore!

Important ties kept within your DEXTER time gear. A friend, a colleague, your better half … that person who makes your time even more special!

Handcrafted jewelry designed for both her and him, in rhodium-plated silver with platinum.

That's Amore! Collection
LOVE bracelet
Infinity bracelet
Heart bracelet

The story of an Italian passion

Born in Italy!

From the Latin Dexter, dextera, dexterum which means skilled, expert, well done, the name was born which is a guarantee of an Italian artisan process.

Every smallest phase is meticulously cared for, from the fusion of precious metals to the platinum rhodium plating of silver to make them brighter and resistant to oxidation, from the hand finishing of each single piece to the use of nickel free alloys to reduce skin allergies. .

How the DEXTER gear was born.

The DEXTER gear is not just any or existing gear, the gear design has been created and designed specifically, to remember a special date.

The gear shape was born in fact in the small space that the founders had used as a laboratory and where, on the occasion of an important birthday, the idea was born to engrave the 8 digits that made up the date to celebrate on a ring.

From here, working the ring between one digit and another… the DEXTER gear took shape.

The exclusive selection

DEXTER Milano is animal free!

All DEXTER Milano jewelry creations are ANIMAL FREE as no products of animal origin such as leather and coral stones or pearls are used. Furthermore DEXTER Milano creates solidarity collections to support important NGOs in carrying out projects dedicated to the fight for animal rights.

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