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The selection of gifts

Jewelery and accessories to give to special people.

Fulfill the wishes of your loved ones.

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With DEXTER jewels, even thoughts are precious and handcrafted! Discover our selection of jewelry and accessories for a budget up to € 50

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The DEXTER jewelry selection for him and her for a budget under € 100. Personalize them with engraving to make your gift even more special!

The precious Dexter gear is transformed into an original bookmark in golden brass, handcrafted, Italian and customizable!

Nautical bracelet with water-repellent technical threads and the precious DEXTER time gear in platinum silver.

Lucky bracelet with the symbol of the four-leaf clover kept inside the precious DEXTER gear in platinum silver. Choose your symbol!

Solidarity bracelet with LAV for the protection of the rights of animals and wild bears.

Personalize your jewel with the engraving service

The DEXTER handcrafted jewelery collection dedicated to luck. Lucky symbols kept inside the precious DEXTER time gear

A selection of jewels dedicated to animal lovers. Choose between the jewel with a race and those in solidarity with LAV. Personalize by engraving a name or date

Do you want to catch love? This is the DEXTER jewelry collection for you!

Choose your favorite symbol to give as a gift.

Discover the entire DUE collection dedicated to strong and indissoluble relationships, engrave it!

Handcrafted jewels dedicated to both her and him.

Adjustable platinum silver choker necklace with DEXTER two gears charm.

Ideal jewel for both him and her.

A classic for him, platinum silver cufflink with convenient insert rod.

Personalize with your initials engraving!

If you were looking for a truly unique, precious and handcrafted ring then you have found it!

For those who love geometry, these DEXTER handcrafted earrings are the must have! Platinum Silver

A selection of exclusive DEXTER handcrafted jewels, dedicated to both her and him. Customizable with engraving

All our DEXTER classics from the colored acetate ring to the bracelet with natural stones, both for her and for him.

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