Mom bear chain bracelet


Bracelet with element in rhodium-plated silver with platinum engraved with the silhouette of the mother bear. Engraved with the three words at the base of the collection, Love, Freedom, Dignity, Life!

Strap with groumette chain, suitable for all types of wrist thanks to the closure with chain and adjustable snap hook.

Bracelet attached to LAV. Through this bracelet you will contribute to the fight against the mistreatment and capture of Bears.

Customize with engraving on the back of the item.


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Each mother would give her life to defend her little ones. We humans do it, animals do it, bears do it. Yet, in Trentino, bear mothers who behave in this way are judged to be “dangerous” and for this reason they are imprisoned or killed. We, with our behavior, determine their reactions. With this jewel you help LAV to spread the best practices so that humans and bears can coexist peacefully.

The bear bracelet in versionen design is a jewel handcrafted in Italy. Each manufacturing process is followed by our expert goldsmiths, from the fusion of the metal to the polishing of each single element.

Furthermore, DEXTER silver is even more precious as it is rhodium-plated with platinum, making the jewel even more luminous, precious and resistant to oxidation.

Dexter, with the DEXTER LOVE ME line, has chosen to stand alongside LAV as a partner to build a free and safe future for bears in Trentino, victims in recent periods of serious abuse at the hands of man. Too often the normal behavior of bears is considered harmful or even dangerous, when it is instead human activities and behaviors that disturb the balance of these animals, whose spaces are invaded with violence and aggression.

LAV is always at the forefront of animal rights: together with its lawyers, it is always ready to denounce those who transgress the laws and administrations that approve acts with serious repercussions on many innocent lives.

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