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The founders

Dexter founders

The founders have been cultivating for years the company philosophy that makes the DEXTER gear jewel unique. Time for DEXTER is the most precious asset that there can be and this must be shared, lived and remembered in the best possible way.

Both engaged in marketing and finance, they decided to learn more about what goes on behind the production of jewelry, their common passion. After having attended an evening professional goldsmithing course for years, they decide to follow their entrepreneurial project full time and open their first small point of sale, in one of the most characteristic areas of Milan.

After a few years DEXTER becomes the reference point of the iconic Italian jewel all over the world, exporting the precious gear jewel to the East, the Americas and northern Europe.

How the iconic Dexter gear is born

The DEXTER gear is not just any or existing gear, the gear design has been created and designed specifically, to remember a special date.

The gear shape was born in fact in the small space that the founders had used as a laboratory and where, on the occasion of an important birthday, the idea was born to engrave the 8 digits that made up the date to celebrate on a ring.

From here, working the ring between one digit and another… the DEXTER gear took shape.

An eight-headed gear jewel.

In fact, 8 are the digits that make up a date, as well as being the universal symbol of infinity and prosperity.

A single gear, infinite jewels!

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