Dexter Milano Gioielli artigianali

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Dexter's values

Positive passion

DEXTER jewels are designed and produced with “positive passion”, which has always been a distinctive element at the base of the company philosophy, which for years has been cared for and protected by the two founders Raffaella and Renata. They translated this “positive passion” into the versatility of Dexter’s design, the frequent use of colors , the care in the finishing operations of each single piece.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is reflected in the jewels and in some socially responsible special collections, but in the services, in the finishing and polishing by hand to ensure maximum comfort and in the rhodium plating in a platinum bath also on silver, to make it even more precious and resistant to oxidation and wear over time.


Innovation is the special ingredient to make the precious DEXTER gears move at the right pace. Innovation in the continuous research of materials and special nickel free alloys, in combining craftsmanship and manual dexterity with technology and design in the design of unique and custom models, through the tailor-made service.

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